Janina Meier
May 11, 2023
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What defines good sales work? Persuasiveness? Charm? Personality? Experience? Certainly all of these factors are important for high performance sales. But in the end, what matters is the data on hand. After all, with buyer preferences changing rapidly, business prospects transforming, and competitors on the rise, you need an effective strategy to automate sales processes.

Common weak points in sales processes

  • You forgot to follow up on a lead, so you lost a deal.
  • You wasted precious time manually entering opportunities or leads into your CRM.
  • You have been overlooking an important detail in your sales process for a long time.
  • You have difficulties comparing different data sets with one another.
  • You have wasted too much time looking for a specific document in your records.

Data is the backbone of your business. If you do not have complete, accurate, and constantly updated data, information will become outdated, opportunities will be missed, and you will not achieve the success you would with correct, clear data.

The key to sales success

The following points are crucial to improving your sales processes:

Data is the heart of the sales process
A sales application needs to support the management and synchronization of lead, account, and opportunity data. High-performing sales departments need access to consistent data and a common sales tool.

Sellers need an accurate overall picture of the processes
To efficiently develop an action plan and a strategy, it is important to bundle data from different sources. Salespeople need to be able to spot patterns and correlations in this data to learn how prospects engage with sales content.

The right tools enable engagement at scale
With access to appropriate CRM software, sales teams can engage prospects at scale. A predefined sales process makes it easier to guide leads through the sales funnel.

Sales and marketing alignment is essential
Alignment between sales and marketing is crucial for achieving revenue goals. Exchanging feedback between departments is just as important as sharing reports and insights.

Three Microsoft solutions for efficient sales

Support manual and time-consuming tasks with the help of software, artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital tools. We will show you three Microsoft solutions and how they can help significantly improve your company’s sales process and efficiency.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is one of four applications in the Microsoft Power Platform and is composed of several connected components. Depending on need and the user’s role in the company, they can be used separately or in combination.

The five components of Microsoft Power BI

Using this business intelligence tool in sales

  • will accelerate the evaluation of Big Data
  • will lead to risk minimization and revenue enhancement in the long run
  • enables sales teams to easily link and apply data
  • is intuitive and thus suitable for beginners
  • enables analysis on any device and from any location

For sales, the mobile app is particularly helpful for tracking lead and sales pipeline developments on the go. Thanks to embedded artificial intelligence, sales managers not only receive information about the status quo of their work but can also make predictions and identify trends.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

The Dynamics 365 Sales Premium license come with the ability to activate the Dynamics 365 AI for Sales features. This is ideal for enterprises that need a sales automation solution, along with AI-driven insights.

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales gives you deeper insight into the work of your sales teams in the field and for inside salespeople:

  • Guided selling
    With up-to-date and actionable insights (e. g. real-time conversation intelligence about customer sentiment), you can guide your sales team in their activities. This provides an AI feature to accelerate sales.
  • Intelligent relationships
    Build stronger customer relationships and drive them with AI-powered sales. Minimize manual data entry by updating and recreating records using real-time contextual suggestions. This frees up your sales teams’ time and ensures your data is always up to date. A so-called Relationship Health Score allows you to take preventive measures to minimize risks.
  • Predictive models
    Increase conversion and sales rates by using Artificial Intelligence to prioritize leads and opportunities that have the highest likelihood of conversion and purchase. Leads and opportunities can be evaluated ahead of time and forecasts can be calculated precisely.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

The Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license is ideal for small and midsize businesses looking for a sales automation solution with contextual insights and advanced customization capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Sales enables your sales organization to automate the sales process from lead to revenue, run marketing campaigns, enforce best practices, and collaborate with customers.

  • From creating a lead to closing the opportunity and recording the sale, you are guided through the entire sales process. This allows you to achieve more consistent sales interactions.
  • Forecasting helps you predict how much revenue your sales team will generate in a given period. To proactively identify pipeline risks, individual sales performance can be tracked against quotas.
  • Recurring processes can be easily automated. This allows you to respond in the best possible way to sales-impacting events.
  • With targeted marketing campaigns and tracking their customer response and costs, you can effectively increase your sales.

Long-term benefits thanks to digital tools

By using modern digital tools

… you will increase the productivity and performance of your sales staff.

…you will increase your efficiency.

… you will work more precisely and accelerate your sales process.

… you make sure that you do not lose any leads.

… you will be able to distinguish more likely prospects from others and predict expected sales potential using lead and opportunity scoring.

… you will optimize the quality of your sales tasks.

… you will reduce your reaction time, which can increase customer satisfaction.

… you will keep your organization’s sales data consistent. … you will be able to use limited resources more efficiently.

This way, your sales team will be more successful and quickly increase your sales. We are happy to be at your side as a trusted partner in this process.
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